[Crazy for...] "Green" and "Endurance" by Jay Lake

Schon seit einiger Zeit habe ich mit dem Gedanken geschlagen, eine solche Kategorie zu führen. In [Crazy for…] werdet ihr zeitweise Bücher finden, die bereits erschienen sind oder erst noch erscheinen werden, und die ich unglaublich gerne lesen möchte und/oder beim Stöbern entdeckt habe. Da ich gerne teile, habe ich mir überlegt, diese euch unter der oben genannten Kategorie vorzustellen. Und hier sind meine ersten beiden Vorstellungen. Ich hoffe, ihr findet sie genauso interessant wie ich.    

Green (Green #1) by Jay Lake – erschienen im März 2011

Her exquisite beauty and brilliant mind were not enough to free her from captivity. That took her skills with a knife, plus the power of a goddess. She was born in poverty, in a dusty village under the equatorial sun. She does not remember her mother, she does not remember her own name - her earliest clear memory is of the day her father sold her to the tall pale man. In the Court of the Pomegranate Tree, where she was taught the ways of a courtesan - and the skills of an assassin - she was named Emerald, the precious jewel of the Undying Duke’s collection of beauties. She calls herself Green. The world she inhabits is one of political power and magic, where Gods meddle in the affairs of mortals. At the centre of it is the immortal Duke’s city of Copper Downs, which controls all the trade on the Storm Sea. Green has made many enemies, and some secret friends, and she has become a very dangerous woman indeed.

Endurance (Green #2) by Jay Lake – erscheint im August 2012

Green is back in Copper Downs. Purchased from her father in sunny Selistan when she was four years old, she was harshly raised to be a courtesan, companion, and bedmate of the Immortal Duke of Copper Downs. But Green rebelled. Green killed the Duke, and many others, and won her freedom. Yet she is still claimed by the gods and goddesses of her world, and they still require her service. Their demands are greater than any duke’s could have been. Godslayers have come to the Stone Coast, magicians whose cult is dedicated to destroying the many gods of Green’s world. In the turmoil following the Immortal Duke’s murder, Green made a God out of her power and her memories. Now the gods turn to her to protect them from the Slayers. Jay Lake brings us an epic fantasy not “in the tradition of Tolkien,” but, instead, sensual, ominous, shot through with the sweat of fear and the intoxication of power.

Irgendwie klingt nicht nur die Story spannend, sondern auch die Cover find ich… interessant. Insbesondere das Obere. Ich hab da zwar so meine Zweifel, ob die Pose (so hängend im Baum) wirklich so entspannend ist, wie die Figur sie darstellt… Was meint ihr?